There is always a large theoretical element to my classes. Understanding the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of violence goes a long way towards not having to deal with it on a physical level. Understanding the Law, and what we are allowed by law to do means we are unlikely to end up in prison for defending ourselves. Understanding Social Conditioning and Fear (The Adrenalin Response) makes it easier to respond to potentially violent situations in safe manner.

Five week course

Five classes of at least 1 ½ hours , over five weeks. Basic self protection, both theoretical and practical. AS these classes can get very physical, there is a maximum of 12 attendees for safety. Also we try to build a level of trust between the participants so we can discuss personal concerns freely.
A high level of fitness is not necessary, classes are adapted to fit the capabilities of the participants.

Two week short courses

Two, two hour classes, covering a lot of the basic theory and some physical work on spatial awareness, boundary setting practice and some simple break away techniques.

One day courses

Six to Eight hours, a mix of theory and practice. Tailored to your group requirements, and physical work depending on the size of the group and their physical capabilities.

Online classes or lecture sessions

One and a half to two hours, covering some basic theory , personal safety and boundary setting.


From £7 per person per session, negotiable, but also depending on whether suitable space needs to be hired or is provided. Insurance is £8 and is mandatory for the five-week courses.