My interest in self protection stems from my own experiences of many years of solo travelling, both at home and abroad.
I have been teaching courses in Women’s Self Protection at London University’s Student Central for about 9 years now. I have also run courses or classes for The London School of Economics, a Muslim Women’s Group, and The Women’s Equality Party Conference.

I have a Level 3 B tec in Self Defence Training from The National Federation for Personal Safety. I am a registered instructor with the British Combat Association, and I hold my commercial teaching insurance through them. They also arrange short term insurance for students on my courses.

I am also a registered instructor with the Knives and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme. (KEWAP)

My Self Protection training has been with the following teachers and organisations-
Geoff Thompson- Masterclass 1991
Rory Miller- Chiron Training and Violence Dynamics.
Eddie Quinn- The Approach.
My mentor for Women’s Empowerment Training is Melissa Soalt- Fierce and Female/Dr Ruthless.
You can look all of these teachers up online.
I have been practicing the Japanese Martial Art of Traditional Aikido for 40 years, and teaching and running a dojo for 30 of those. I hold the rank of 5th Dan Black belt from the Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo.

Please see the ‘Classes’ page for more information about the courses and classes that I run, and the ‘Blog’ page for my thoughts on Women’s Self Protection.